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Dr. Doug Stilwell, Professor & Continual Improvement Network Leader

Ben Chadwick is a bright, inquisitive, and highly motivated life-long learner. His grasp and implementation of continual improvement principles and practices set him apart from the vast majority of educators. He will be a tremendous asset to a district that is interested in getting better and using a systematic process to do so.

Dr. Elaine Smith-Bright, Professor & Iowa ASCD Board of Directors

Having worked in and been associated with leadership for over 30 years, I have had many opportunities to observes the qualities that make an individual successful. In education, it takes an understanding of the “big picture” – a system’s view, a shared vision, a belief in student’s ability to learn, a willingness to support and hold staff accountable, and a caring heart. Ben exemplifies these leadership characteristics and will provide the initiative we need for the future.

Dr. Randal Peters, Professor & School of Education Graduate Advisor

Ben has proactively and effectively taken on high leverage leadership and facilitation roles in every environment in which he has worked. With his gift for building relationships and capacity, he is well positioned to hire, develop, and retain high quality professional staff, and establish collaborations with higher education, community stakeholders and non- profit organizations. Any district with the foresight to hire Ben will be rewarded many times over by his presence.