An educational leader promotes the success of all students by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and supported by the school community.


Great work is seldom accomplished in isolation. Creating a foundation for a shared vision with the beliefs and values of your community will inspire energy and focus. A shared vision is essential to building a successful learning organization, as it functions as the catalyst for a purpose. People learn best when what they seek to accomplish has an enduring purpose, where their intrinsically motivated drive will be sustained and utilized to the fullest.

JCSD Teacher Growth & Evaluation Model

Summer 2017
b. Uses research and/or best practices in improving the educational program.
c. Articulates and promotes high expectations for teaching and learning.

The Johnston Teacher Growth and Evaluation Group seeks to transform the current evaluation system into a growth mindset model with a student focus at its core and improved teacher efficacy for each iteration. The aim of the alpha version was to provide a common language and process for all staff, while being flexible on choice of what is being improved.

EDL 283: Major Change Initiative: 1:1 iPad Implementation

EDL 283 Leading Complex Organizations, Fall 2016
d. Aligns and implements the educational programs, plans, actions, and resources with the district’s vision and goals.
e. Provides leadership for major initiatives and change efforts.

Summit Middle School rolled out its first year of 1:1 iPad implementation in the 2016-17 school year. The presentation brought me up to speed on the current reality and past efforts related to this change. This information was vital to understand how the initiative aligns with the district vision, enabling me to provide professional development support in the areas of Instructional Practices Inventory for Technology (IPI-T) and leading breakout sessions for high-leverage opportunities regarding application use in the classroom. 

iPad Implementation

EDL 271: DCG CTE CodeJam

EDL 271: Leadership and the Profession, Fall 2015
a. In collaboration with others, uses appropriate data to establish rigorous, concrete goals in the context of student achievement and instructional programs.

The CTE CodeJam was a project-based learning capstone event for the fall semester of 2015. This event encompassed a celebration of multiple fall elective courses, bringing accounting, engineering, entrepreneurship, graphic design, marketing, programming, and website development students together for a one-day event with the purpose of using their combined skills to plan, produce, evaluate, revise, and present a product all in an eight-hour period. At the end of the day, groups presented their campaign to authentic audience members of Principal, the Technology Association of Iowa, and Dallas Center-Grimes administrators.

EDL 286: Baldrige Excellence Framework: Category 3, Customer Focus - Career & Technology Education

EDL 286: Systems Thinking, Fall 2015
f. Communicates effectively to various stakeholders regarding progress with school improvement plan goals.

The Dallas Center-Grimes Career and Technical Education (CTE) Advisory Team brings together teachers, students, and community stakeholders for program evaluation, assessment approval, and to plan curriculum improvement initiatives at the end of each school year. The attendance goal is to maintain a balance of participants who reflect the demographics of the community, and the meeting provides an open-to-the-public platform for comments and questions on the quality and goals of our program strands. We aim to move away from the once-a-year meetings to an ongoing classroom partnership. Doing so will continue to produce rigorous and relevant real work projects beyond the rubber-stamp approval of the current reality.