An educational leader promotes the success of all students by ensuring management of the organization, operations and resources for a safe, efficient and effective learning environment.


While communication and fiscal responsibility are vital to ensure the success of a safe and efficient learning organization, the human resource component deserves the highest level of scrutiny as the effects can be lasting and most rewarding, or damaging to the effectiveness of a learning environment. If those hired share the beliefs and values to which the shared vision was established, the opportunities for improvement of the learning organization will remain available as the culture continues to flourish.

Iowa STEM Equity Training Selection

Fall 2016
b. Recruits, selects, inducts, and retains staff to support quality instruction.

In collaboration with Ankeny, Dallas Center-Grimes, Johnston, Waukee, Principal, and the Technology Association of Iowa we formed the HyperStream STEM Equity Consortium. Together, we addressed specific school needs related to equitable learning environments, student academic success and ultimately, readiness to pursue high-wage, high-skill and high-demand careers.

EDL 272: National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP)

EDL 272: Organizational and System Behavior, Spring 2016
a. Complies with state and federal mandates and local board policies.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is our nation’s report card. I evaluated the effectiveness of the proficiency benchmarking committee, which I was privileged to be requested to join, on for NAPE’s new Technology and Engineering Literacy (TEL) Assessment. The process provided first-hand knowledge on the federal mandates regarding the local school district, the Iowa Department of Education, and the NAEP Assessment.

EDL 272: Systems Analysis: Instructional Coaching (TLC Grant)

EDL 272: Organizational and System Behavior, Spring 2016
e. Protects instructional time by designing and managing operational procedures to maximize learning.

Through executing a systems analysis, I was able to dissect the current reality of the Instructional Coaching position for the purpose of identifying system archetypes, celebrations, and opportunities for improvement of the instructional time.

Scale Up Grant Award - PLTW Introduction to Computer Science

Spring 2016
c. Addresses current and potential issues in a timely manner.

Upon accepting a new position, I ensured through grant writing that the new hire would have training provided without burdening the district I was departing. This artifact is specific to the Project Lead The Way (PLTW): Introduction to Computer Science program, which requires certification regardless of experience in order to offer the program.

Outdoor Classroom Grant Proposal

Fall 2015
d. Manages fiscal and physical resources responsibly, efficiently, and effectively.
f. Communicates effectively with both internal and external audiences about the operations of the school.

As a student council advisor and engineering teacher, I involved the two groups in a project-based learning experience with the aim to lead the planning, proposing, and promotion phases for building an outdoor classroom. The students shared design concepts, collected stakeholder votes, and assisted in maintaining a working budget with the construction manager to ensure the funds to be used were provided by both internal and grants received which were written by the students.

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